The Cornerstone

  Performing Gospel and Inspirational Music   

Share his love by telling what the Lord has done for you.

Gospel and Inspirational & Seasonal Music

      Enjoying the celebration of Christmas singing the tunes of the past to help remember the times of growing up and sharing with others.  Yes food, presants and football games come to mind but more importantly, this is a time to share of Jesus' birth and to tell the story of our faith. Born in a lowly manger and came with a purpose of redemption for our sins. A gift that is free and abundant only given through Jesus our Lord Himself.

      It is with great joy I am able to share the message of Jesus through Christmas songs of the past and good Old Gospel and Traditional Music. Giving Testimony to Life and how by his grace all have an opportunity to hear the gospel and accept the gracious gift of salvation He gives us.

      Reaching mature audiences by taking them down memory lane with tunes of the past, a little humor and encouraging participation to sing-a-long. I would like to thank all  those who have allowed me to be a part and share of our awesome God and Faith in Him.

     Making two recordings "Christmas of Ole" and "Hymns of the Past".  These cd's are available please click New Services for more info. 

     Bob still runs the B&R Book store in Honea Path, SC  and engages in many community events including Supporting the HP United Ministries, Food Pantry, Clothes Closet, Helping those with crisis intervention such as utilities, to mention a few.

      If you desire to plan an event consider the The Cornerstone in planning an event. The 2017 schedule is now open I look forward  to continuing in sharing Gods Word through songs and testimonies. To look at  upcoming scheduled events, please click New Events or if you would like to contact us for an event please do.

     Thank you for your continued prayers and support and always  remember to give God all the praise and glory for what he has done!